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hilmar gamper
am suedhang 19, a-4060 leonding
tel.: +43 (0)650 9527932
web: http://www.hillberg.at
mail1: office@hillberg.at
mail2: partysan@servus.at
uid: ATU 49840908
Raiffeisenbank Leonding
Konto-Nr.: 86.165
BLZ: 34276
IBAN: AT39 3427 6000 0008 6165

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This website is being privately provided and maintained by:
hilmar gamper
am suedhang 19, a-4060 leonding
email1: office@hillberg.at
email2: partysan@servus.at


This blog and website is non-commercial and solely reflects the personal opinion of Hilmar Gamper. I reserve the right to censor or delete comments whenever i want – usually when they contain unwanted advertising or insulting text. If you don’t like that policy feel free to go somewhere else.

Purpose and Orientation of this Website

Standard settings of the weblog software WordPress. Refer to their website for privacy conventions. Note that cookies are used by these services/programs for statistics and improvements of the user experience. For details see their privacy statements again.

Data might be stored outside EU countries, as my provider sits in the US and Statcounter’s servers are whereever they are.

Please note that all personal data published on this site (especially those on this page) may NOT be used for commercial purposes / spam.

For commercial use of my contents feel free to get in touch with me

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